MLERF Honorary Life Members

The MLERF Board of Directors may designate any individual who has preformed outstanding service to the Corporation or to the cause of Eye Research the title of Honorary Member. Below is a list individuals who have achieved this distinction.

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Sharon E. Brooks, PDG, PCC, PP33-ASharon Brooks
Charles T. Cerretani, PDG, PP33-NCharles Cerretani
Glen A. Croteau, PDG, PP33-AGlen Croteau
Charles J. DeAngelus, PDG, PP33-YCharles DeAngelus
Margaret Dunn, PRC, PP33-KMargaret Dunn
Richard E. Dunn, PDG, PCC, PP33-KRichard Dunn
Walter J. Fernandez, PDG, PP33-NWalter Fernandez
George Fleming, PDG, PCC, PP33-KGeorge Fleming
Benjamin Houston33-ABenjamin Houston
Edward L. “Ted” Irvin, PDG, PP33-NEdward Irvin
William W. Jones, PDG, PCC, PP33-NWilliam Jones
Charles E. Kostro, PDG, PID, PP33-NCharles Kostro
Kevin Lashua, PDG, PP33-AKevin Lashua
Donald I. Locke, PDG, PP33-NDonald Locke
John J. MacGilvray, PRC, PP33-KJohn MacGilvray
Cornelius J. Mahoney, PDG, PP33-KCornelius Mahoney
Carl A. Munroe, PDG, PCC, PP33-SCarl Munroe
William T. Murphy, PDG, PCC, PP33-SWilliam Murphy
Donald Peters, PDG, PP33-ADonald Peters
Nicholas R. Sabatello, PDG, PCC, PP33-ANicholas Sabatello
L. Doug Sime, PDG, PCC, PID, PP33-SDougSime
George E. Simmons, PDG, PP33-SGeorge Simmons
Wayne P. Smith, PDG, PP33-SWayne Smith
Paul Snow, PDG, PCC, PP33-YPaul Snow
Charles F. St. John, PDG, PP33-YCharles St. John
Arthur R. Thomas, PDG, PCC, PP33-YArthur Thomas
David R. White, PDG, PP33-SDavid White
Louise Wojtkiewicz, PDG, PP33-NLouise Wojtkiewicz