MLERF Past Presidents

Since 1952, a distinguished line of individuals has served our organization as President. Each of these individuals has guided the organization, drawing upon their knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience as leaders in their professions.

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Elton N. MacNeil, PDG 33-N1954-1961Elton MacNeil
Dr Ray Fessenden, PDG33-A1961-1964RayFessenden
Elton L. McNeil, PDG 33-N1964-1968Elton McNeil
Frank C. Sawyer, PDG 33-S1968-1970Frank Sawyer
David B. Reisner33-A1970-1972David Reisner
Philip A. Wocker33-K1972-1973Philip Wocker
Leo J. F. Donovan, PDG 33-S1973-1974Leo Donovan
Edward P. Scott, PDG 33-N1974-1975Edward Scott
Woodrow W. Brown, PDG 33-K1975-1976Woodrow Brown
John T. Moriarty, PDG 33-Y1976-1977John Moriarty
Charles J. Cerretani, PDG 33-N1977-1978Charles Cerretani
Joseph R. Protano, PDG 33-Y1978-1979Joseph Protano
Charles J. DeAngelus, PDG 33-Y1979-1980Charles DeAngelus
Donald I. Locke, PDG 33-N1980-1981Donald Locke
James V. Damato, PDG 33-K1981-1982James Damato
William T. Murphy, PDG, PCC33-S1982-1983William Murphy
Charles F. St John, PDG 33-Y1983-1984Charles St. John
William E. Bloom, PDG 33-N1984-1985William Bloom
George V. Flemming, PDG, PCC33-K1985-1986George Flemming
David R. White, PDG 33-S1986-1987David White
Glenn A. Croteau, PDG 33-A1987-1988Glenn Croteau
Clifford J. D. Hall, PDG 33-N1988-1989Clifford Hall
George E. Simmons, PDG, PCC33-S1989-1990George Simmons
Cornelius J. Mahoney, PDG 33-K1990-1991Cornelius Mahoney
Don Peters, PDG 33-A1991-1992Don Peters
William W. Jones, PDG, PCC33-N1992-1993William Jones
L. Doug Sime, PDG, PCC, PID33-S1993-1994DougSime
Malcolm T. Kleinknecht, PDG 33-A1994-1995Malcolm Kleinknecht
Richard E. Dunn, PDG, PCC33-K1995-1996Richard Dunn
Charles E. Kostro, PDG, PID33-N1996-1997Charles Kostro
Arthur R. Thomas, PDG, PCC33-Y1997-1998Arthur Thomas
Carl A. Munroe, PDG, PCC33-S1998-1999Carl Munroe
Nicholas Sabatello, PDG, PCC33-A1999-2000Nicholas Sabatello
John J. MacGilvray, PRC 33-K2000-2001John MacGilvray
Edward L. “Ted” Irvin, PDG 33-N2001-2002Edward Irvin
Donald A. Rivest, PDG, PCC33-Y2002-2003Donald Rivest
Wayne P. Smith, PDG 33-S2003-2004Wayne Smith
Sharon E. Brooks, PDG, PCC33-A2004-2005Sharon Brooks
Walter A. Fernandez, PDG 33-N2005-2006Walter Fernandez
Margaret “Peg” Dunn, PRC 33-K2006-2007Margaret Dunn
Paul Snow, PDG, PCC33-Y2007-2008Paul Snow
Paul Schleicher, PCC, PDG 33-S2008-2009Paul Schleicher
Kevin Lashua, PDG 33-A2009-2010Kevin Lashua
Louise Wojtkiewicz, PDG 33-N2010-2011Louise Wojtkiewicz
Dr. James “Jim” Roth, PDG33-K2011-2012JamesRoth
James “Jim” Gracia, PDG33-Y2012-2013JamesGracia
Richard “Dick” Ferrucci, PDG33-A2013-2014Richard Ferrucci
Randall “Randy” Pinch, PDG33-N2014-2015RandallPinch
Martin Middleton, PCS33-S2015-2016MartinMiddleton
Edward "Ned" Merrick, PDG33-K2016-2017EdwardMerrick
Roger Jones, PDG33-Y2017-2018RogerJones
Robert "Bob" Haskell, PCS33-A2018-2019RobertHaskell