President’s Message

To all Lions, Lioness and Leos of MD 33:

It is a honor and a privilege to have the awesome responsibility on being the 62nd President of your Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, Inc. (MLERF).

As you all may or may not know the MLERF is the statewide project voted by the Lions of Massachusetts. Our goal at MLERF is to provide the much needed research grant money with the help of you the Lions of MD 33 to eradicate preventable blindness. We have in Massachusetts several outstanding research institutions which MLERF has partnered with . They have with grants received to them from monies you have donated to the fund been on the cutting edge of research findings in achieving our goal to one day eradicate preventable blindness. All because of your support of MLERF.

The Lions of MD33 have to date contributed over 30 million dollars in our goal of eye research.

During our Lions year all directors representing you on the board of MLERF will be available for visitations to your individual clubs to tell you the story of MLERF, also to share with you the new discoveries by the investigators, research doctors and hospitals. It is my wish and hope you all take advantage of inviting them to your lions clubs meetings.

Our challenge as Lions to eradicate preventable blindness came to us in 1925 by “Helene Keller” when she addressed the Lions pleading for the Lions to accept her challenge to continue the fight towards preventable blindness. We here at MLERF have and will always be dedicated to the challenge related to eye research. More than ever I am asking for your continued support of our efforts here at MLERF. We cannot move forward in our quest without your support. We can only fund a portion of the grant request we receive from the hospitals . More monies are needed to continue our goal of providing the important seed monies for the advancement of research.

If you have any questions on our efforts here at MLERF on your behalf please contact any member of the board. Better than that contact a director in your district and ask if you can attend a BOD meeting or plan a club visit to one of our research hospitals.

You the Lions of MD33 are “ordinary people –doing- extraordinary things”. On behalf of Executive Board, Officers, Directors and all our Past Presidents thank you for your past support and future consideration towards MLERF.

We all have made a difference in our quest to eradicate preventable blindness. Together we will continue to perform miracles.

Yours in Lionism,

Richard “Dick” Ferrucci

President, MLERF 2013-2014